Curious about curation? Excited about exhibiting?

photograph of HACS exhibition curation 2015 My dad had a saying that he’d often cite “you’ll get out of it what you put in to it”. With this in mind when I joined HACS in 2015 just before their second exhibition of the calendar year, I thought I’d go beyond participating and commit to offering some time to help and learn.

HACS second exhibition of the year started on Valentine’s Day 2015, at the Greenstage Gallery, Bishop’s Frome,  just over the Herefordshire border, in Worcestshire. The gallery is an agency gallery, where Will Pudge promotes the vibrant fresh and original work of emerging and contemporary artists to collectors internationally and at the Art Fairs in Bristol and London.

Allowing HACS to use the Gallery’s Own Art, interest free scheme for works over £200, and other facilities, subject to a small commission, the space was HACS for the duration as long as HACS stewarded the exhibition throughout. Will offered his experienced eye to assist in the curation of the exhibition.

So it was the day before the preview, that the Chair, Jenny Williams and myself dropped the last paintings to the Greenstage Gallery. My first task was to hop up the ladder to get to grips with the hanging systems squeeze and pull clips. Whilst Jenny ensured we were putting the pictures up the right way. Spacing two hangers per piece of art, with an agreed space between each artist to give a flow to the work as the viewer moved around the room.

Will had already started to lay out the pieces that had been received to fit the various areas of space in this permanent exhibition gallery. The table and cabinet spaces being taken by HACS 3-D members work, plus cards and promotional materials.

It was an interesting few hours as the huge variety of subjects, painting styles and sizes were hung and unhung, moved and re-moved as three people’s opinions were considered.

Despite that the hang went up incredibly quickly and once spacing had been checked it was time for coffee and cake break from the on-site café. Then it was back along the rows of work with labels which had been created by the Chair’s other half, and to level out any errantly slanted pictures.

What I got out of it was a very speedy introduction to the variety of art that is produced by members, a chance to understand how an agency gallery works with it’s artists and collectors, and how to hang an exhibition of great variety.

Wrapping and payment systems discussed, instructions were left in the sales book with artist contact details. Lights out, doors locked and then it was off to the wine shop to confirm the all important drinks for the Private View.

All HACS members are welcome to offer their skills or time to assist with exhibitions at any stage of the process . Email exhibitions@

As recalled by Kathryn Sassall