Workshops to do work for The Courtyard Exhibition in November


We are proposing a series of  four workshops starting on Tuesday 13th June to get together to start producing work for the exhibition at The Courtyard in November. We will be at the HACS Pavilion next Tuesday 13th June from 10:00am – 4:00pm beginning work ourselves.

If you are interested please drop in for discussion and (hopefully) inspiration from each other. The cost will be £5 for the day if you are staying to do some work. You need to bring materials to paint/draw on and with, some covering for the floor and possibly a portable easel, though we do have some tables. Also a packed lunch – we have tea and coffee there.

There will be three more workshops happening at fortnightly intervals on the 27th June, 11th July and 25th July. A reminder of the brief is below (for everyone not just workshop people.)

This is the brief set by David Durant Associate Director at the Courtyard:

Work in the Gallery:

1. something old, something new, something borrowed……………..
This work needs to represent life old and new. The work must be in 3D, Sculpted, or in relief and use a combination of new, old and borrowed materials. It needs to give a sense of the newness of life and the fact that we all get old – time is just borrowed.

Work to be hung in the Canyons:

1) This idea for our work will be a response to specific pieces of art by a well-known painter. Each artist should choose their own painter and a work that has inspired them. The finished piece can be a copy with a new take on it, or simply a work that uses techniques suggested by the artist in the painting. Each artist will then create something that is in direct response to how the painting/art work makes them think and feel.

2) Children’s literature: my first loves and fears. Work will be inspired from a line or two from a famous children’s story. The stories might be eg. Alice in Wonderland, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, etc (your choice.) The work will need to clearly define the artist’s thoughts and feelings on the sense of adventure and discovery – as if they were looking through the eyes of a child.

Hope to see many of you next week. No need to reply – it’s a drop in session.

hArt Christmas exhibition opens on Saturday November 26th 2016

Perfect for an original and unique gift

The exhibition of member’s work for sale is part of Christmas h-Art and is at our new base The Old Cricket Pavilion on Widemarsh Common, HR4 9MA. For opening times and to see the transformation of the space take a look at our Facebook Page.

From the City go left at Pizza Hut Roundabout, over canal bridge, past car wash, and left at roundabout and then first left. Or from Dunelm/Halo Leisure Centre turn right at roundabout and then first left.




HACS h.Art 2016 – the venue

h Art with RVenue #1  HACS
The Old Cricket Pavilion
Widemarsh Common, Hereford
Mon – Sat 10:00 – 16:00
Sun 11:00 – 17:00

In 2016 HACS is offering it’s members  the chance to share their work and meet art lovers, buyers and the curiously creative during h.Art Week.  The venue is as old if not older than HACS itself! Sitting on land which was next to Cider and Perry Makers W M Evans who moved to Widemarsh Common in 1891. All the pectin produced in Great Britain from 1917 to 1950 was made in Hereford by W M Evans.

Perhaps that pectin went into the jam the cricketers would have used at the teas for cricketers between 1829 to 1937, including matches between Hereford and an All England Eleven, that were held at the Widemarsh Common Cricket Ground. Scones and jams on a sunny day with the thack of leather on willow – aah memories.

So if you are an art lover or a cricket historian or Heritage Open Days visitor, you’ll have the opportunity to see inside the building during h.Art.

HACS would like to thank Hereford Council and Halo Leisure Centre for their support in making this venue available to the Society.


Cycling Paintings

KathrynSassallGreenstage2016HACS Treasurer Kathryn Sassall has her latest series of oil and acrylic paintings inspired by cycle racing at the Tour de Yorkshire 2016 and Tour de France (pre-2016) at Greenstage Gallery from 20th August 2016 to 25th September 2016.

Ed Ball will also be showing his latest works.