Herefordshire Art and Craft Society (HACS) is a well-established community of artists and craftspeople, founded in 1922.

Just as our founding days were a progressive time for the arts and crafts, so today – 100 years later – they play an equally important role across an ever expanding breadth of media – from oil painting to digital art, and from sculptures created from found and recycled materials to keeping our artisan traditions alive!

HACS welcomes artists and craftspeople of any ability and stage of development. Our members include creatives who are beginners, hobbyists, amateurs, semi-professionals, professionals and art historians!


HACS is a flexible and forward-striving society as shown by its response to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has put a temporary hold on the usual “real world” exhibitions, lectures, workshops and social events that HACS hosts.

Instead, we have increased our presence further on our very active Facebook page and Instagram account, both of which show our members’ work and share photos, news, and information on art and crafts locally and from around the world!

We are also using Zoom to hold members meetings so that we can all keep in touch and share news and ideas.

While one perk of membership is that members can show their work in the Members Gallery of the HACS main website, now, following on from the constraints of Covid-19, we have set up a bespoke HACSGallery website where we host regular themed exhibitions!

Our first exhibition – From Isolation to Creation: Artists Respond to a Changing World – opened on 1st October and ran until 30th November. It brought together 2D and 3D work, crafts, art, sculptures, paintings, photography, videos and more!

We aim to support and showcase our members to a wider public bringing them to a national and international audience!


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HACS’ committee is run by volunteers and we are always looking for new people to join us in supporting the society’s day-to-day running and in helping to organise exhibitions, curate, co-ordinate with other artists, and everything else involved in keeping a lively society of artists and craftspeople going. If you are interested in joining the society and becoming a volunteer, please do get in touch!


We are grateful to have Sir Roy Strong as the society’s President and we are fortunate to have two patrons:  Professor Allen Fisher, Emeritus Professor of Poetry & Art at Manchester Metropolitan University, and David Durant, Associate Director of Herefordshire’s Centre for the Arts in Hereford. The Chair of the Society is held by Jenny Williams, a highly skilled artist with an incredible knowledge of local art opportunities. Jenny is also on the board for h.Art, the Herefordshire art trail, which brings thousands to Herefordshire in the pursuit of viewing, commissioning and purchasing art and crafts! HACS is a keen and regular contributor to h.Art.

HACS is a non-profit organisation with exceptionally low annual membership fees of just £20 (one-off payment each year!)
You can join here: Join us 

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