HACS Annual Lecture: Poetry in and from Art, by Prof. Allen Fisher

Prelude to Paradise by Allen Fisher


7.15pm, Friday 28th September in the Meeting Room at The Courtyard, Hereford

for the Herefordshire Art & Craft Society

Poetry and Art have had powerful reciprocal relationships since ancient times and continue to do so today. The power of words enhanced by paintings, the strength of painting enriched by text.

This lecture will explore aspects of those relationships from ancient Greece, the Italian Renaissance and seventeenth century China to the work of William Blake with John Milton and Dante and his Blake’s contemporaries. The lecture will also engage with modern work by Gertrude Stein with Juan Gris, Robert Rauschenberg with Dante, Larry Rivers and Grace Hartigan with Frank O’Hara, Jess with Robert Duncan, and more recent examples.

Allen Fisher is Emeritus Professor of Poetry and Art at Manchester Metropolitan University and is a poet, painter and art historian. He came to Hereford in 1989 to teach at the College of Art & Design and subsequently headed art at Roehampton University and retired as Head of Contemporary Arts at Manchester. He has many books to his name and his painting has been widely exhibited in Hereford, London and York. He continues to work from his studio and study in Hereford. He is patron of the Herefordshire Art & Craft Society.

Tickets for this talk are available from the Courtyard at the box office.
Price for members: £5.00 (mentioning the HACS Code)
Price for non-members £6.00

HACS members may find this talk particularly inspiring due to the links between it and the brief for the 2019 Courtyard Exhibition by the Herefordshire Art & Craft Society.