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xHACS at the Green Dragon 2023

We will be exhibiting again this year at Hereford’s famous Green Dragon Hotel as part of Herefordshire’s Art Week, h.Art, from Saturday 2nd to Sunday 10 September 2023.

Our exhibition features 24 of our talented members and will be open every day from 10 am to 5 pm. Below we have listed all our exhibiting artists with one example of their work. Follow the link to the artists page or their own website to find out more.

Venue information

Address:      The Green Dragon Hotel, Broad Street, Hereford, HR4 9BG
Phone:        01432 272506
Website:     Instagram:     @greendragonhfd

Location map:









Sat 2nd​​Lucia Davies​​​Michelle James (Harris)

​​​Karl Hamilton ​​​Lucia Davies



Sun 3rd ​​Lucia Davies ​​​Michelle James (Harris)

​​​Chloe Milsom​​​Lucia Davies

​​​​​​​​Anita Wallace


Monday 4thChris Brackston​​​Jonathan Roger

​​​Jeanette Kinsey ​​​Jane Honer

​​​Steve Sargeant


Tuesday 5thMike Clements​​​Michelle James (Harris)

​​​Stella Hidden ​​​Karl Hamilton Cox

​​​Karl Hamilton Cox


Weds 6th ​​Yumiko Lewis​​​Stella Hidden

​​​Chris Brackston ​​​Jan Austin

​​​Linzi Morgan Whitting


Thursday 7thTrixy Goodger​​​Yumiko Lewis

​​​Jenny Williams​​​Kerry Berkeley


Friday 8th ​​Chris Watts ​​​Trixy Goodger

​​​Mark Anthony ​​​Mark Anthony


Sat 9th ​​Ella Wayman ​​​Karl Hamilton

​​​Linzi Morgan Whitting​ ​Mark Anthony

​​​Martin Leaton


Sunday 10th Lucia Davies ​​​Lucia Davies

​​​Jan Austin​​​​Anita Wallace

​​​​​​​​Jenny Williams

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