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h.Art 2019

We are exhibiting at Gilbies Bar and Bistro in Hereford as part of h.Art in September and December.

Our listing on the h.Art web site is here: , and there are links to pages for each of the artists taking part.

These are the key dates and events for our two h.Art exhibitions:

September exhibition

Artwork details required by: Tuesday 13th August. Details of the artworks to be shown must be sent to so that labels can be prepared.

Hanging day: Wednesday 28th August. Please deliver your artworks to Gilbies at 10.00 am.

Exhibition runs from: 1st September to 29th September

Friday 6th September: Preview evening: 7 pm to 9 pm

Wednesday 11th September: Drawing Day. A day when visitors can see and talk to artists . 11 am to 4 pm.

Take-down day: TBA


December exhibition:

Artwork details required by: 

Hanging day: TBA

Exhibition runs from: 23rd November to 31st December

Wednesday 20th November: Preview evening: 7 pm to 9 pm

Take-down day: TBA


Our ongoing exhibition at Gilbies Bar & Bistro

Currently we have an arrangement with Gilbies allowing us to use their upstairs dining area for a continuing exhibition.

Any HACS member can show their work there for a one month period and Gilbies will manage any sales. One month slots for 2019 are now being allocated.

If you would like to show your work at Gilbies please contact Jenny Williams to find out more.


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