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I am a painter living in Hereford. My work usually expresses the inner imaginative worlds which co-exist with our external reality. My paintings can depict a person, a dream, a piece of music or a scientific theory. I love the power of line coupled with the emotional charge of colour, and also the perennial challenge of trying to explore the elusive concept of rhythm in paintings.

Alison Barter
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Richard Bavin
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Kerry Berkeley

Elaine Brown

Roland Bufton

Pauline Churchill
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Jackie Day

Jane Eccles

Allen Fisher Patron
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Clarissa Haley

Stella Hidden

Krysia Kolodziejek

I experiment in a range of media especially paper collage and acrylics.  My ideas come from daily life experiences – home and abroad, past and present – that move me.  These grow as a need to search for a way to record the feelings into my work.

I am of Anglo/Polish descent and live in Herefordshire.

MavK HACS Co-ordinator

MavK is a textile artist with special focus on dry needle felting and freestyle embroidery. She is self-taught and as such identifies as an “Outsider Artist”.

Her influences include Franz Marc, Hundertwasser, George Grosz and artists of the 1920s and ’30s “Russian Movement”.

MavK works organically with an eye on the process rather than the product. A piece might begin with an idea and progress organically, twisting and turning into something entirely different. Other pieces begin merely with a combination of colours and the art is allowed to develop by feel and intuition from there. MavK’s art is always multi-layered frequently including social commentary on wo/man’s relationship to wo/man and especially on humanity’s relationship to planet Earth.  

Beryl Morgans

Sylvia Pastore

John Phillips
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Martin Richards

Simona Salaru-Timbukula

Denise Salmon
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Rosie Sheldrake
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Sue Sumner
07437 018708

I have been painting seriously since 2010 having retired from a long teaching career. I mainly work in watercolour though have tried oils and acrylic. I am fascinated by the translucency of colour that watercolour provides and the unpredictability of the effects that you can achieve by letting the medium do its magic on the page. I paint mainly landscapes and flowers and enjoy experimenting with colour and shape.

Rebecca Tibbutt

01905 412873

Anne Tulk
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Chris Watts
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Jenny Williams HACS Chair

Gwynne Williams

Bronte Woodruff