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Putting your artworks into our Members Gallery

Members of HACS can put up to 4 images of their artworks on the Members Gallery page. Your photos will be reduced to a maximum size of 1200 pixels wide and 800 pixels high before being added to the page, so if they are copied by anyone they can’t be used for large size printing.

If you already have a section on this page and would like to make changes to it please contact me by email.

If you would like a new section to be added, please read my suggestions below about taking and sending in your photos.

David Kennedy


Notes on preparing your photos:

  • to get the best colour matching, take the photos in natural daylight
  • if the artwork is behind glass, avoid reflections by placing it where no light can shine directly onto it
  • if you can, set your camera to low resolution to keep the file size small
  • put the camera directly in front of the artwork to minimise distortion
  • if you are able to crop the photos yourself please do that, otherwise I will crop them and adjust the file size before putting them into your gallery
  • if you know how to rename your photo files, please make the filename the title of the artwork. Otherwise please give me a list of the titles in the order that you are sending them.

If you are using a laptop or desktop computer and you know where your photos are filed you can use the upload form below.

If you take your photos using a mobile phone or tablet, you will probably find it easier to send them by email to . Please also send the titles and other information as listed in the form .

Members Gallery Photo Upload Form

HACS Website Members Gallery Form

Maximum file size: 5MB

If your file names do not give the artwork titles, please list the titles here.
No more than 120 words please.
If you would like an email address, phone number, website or social media page to be listed please give them here.
Please wait until the photos each show a thumbnail size image before you submit the form.
When you are happy with the photos and other information please click on Submit.
You will receive an email acknowledgement and our web site administrator will let you know when your gallery is in place.
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